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The communication space is evolving. Digital is having a huge impact on our industry and Lloyd Orr has been sure to stay one step ahead of the game to enhance our offering, combining our expert strategic strengths and dynamic execution with up to date digital expertise. Savvy clients combine all mediums available to maximise opportunities to integrate their messages across all channels.

Online Marketing

The world is becoming more online orientated, and Lloyd Orr understands this. We connect you with the consumer through online marketing which is vibrant, relevant and appeals to the consumer.

Social Media

Lloyd Orr is able to utilize the best social media platform that is most beneficial to our clients. We seek to achieve the optimum exposure so that your message reaches its target audience whilst achieving the results. We are able to provide the content for each social media platform as well as manage this on your behalf.

Online PR

Online PR is proving to be more cost-effective and is able to reach your audience every time. By using Social Media, photo and video sharing, search engines, your brand properties and customer service, Lloyd Orr is able to manage your brand while effectively ensuring your message has the desired effect.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is used to correctly position your website through strategies, techniques and tactics to increase the number of visitors by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search results. Lloyd Orr is able to manage this tool on your behalf giving you the desired results

Viral Campaigns

This direct marketing tool can be used as a strategy to generate word-of-mouth publicity, by creating brand awareness using various techniques. Lloyd Orr is able to successfully create a viral campaign that will attract the right target audience to your product and brand.

Tracking and Evaluation

By using tracking and evaluation, Lloyd Orr is able to monitor all coverage received and compile a comprehensive report based on these findings