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Zambia Tourism Board

Lloyd Orr partners with the Zambia Tourism Board on a regular basis providing both Trade and Media Support

Annual Workshops

Lloyd Orr is proud to have facilitated the Annual Zambia Travel Trade Road Show for 5 years running. This popular travel trade workshop provides a platform for the Zambian Tourism industry to come to South Africa and present their products and services to over 400 travel agents during the week long round country workshops in Southern Africa.

Media Support

Zambia is a significant player in the SADC region with regard to tourism and as such has a large presence at the annual trade faire, Indaba, held in Durban. There are many opportunities for the Tourism Board and the Tourism Ministry to engage with members of the media that are present from all over the world during this busy faire.

Lloyd Orr provide the media liaison for ZTB during the faire, which entails arranging interviews for key people and facilitating a media function that provides an opportunity for the Minisitry of tourism to present to the attending media and for the tourism board to announce any new and interesting updates of topical issues surrounding the destination.