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Dubai Tourism & Commerce Marketing

Dubai Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing

Lloyd Orr Communications is proud to have represented the Government of Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) for 20 years. 1996 – 2016. It was the springboard in the success of Lloyd Orr and we were instrumental in putting Dubai on the map in South Africa from a tourism and a commerce point of view.

During our extended contract with DTCM we contributed to a growth in visitor numbers by an average of 8% year on year. Our work included a comprehensive schedule of annual activities, working with set budgets to execute consumer, trade, media and commerce campaigns to stimulate exposure and interest for the destination.

Travel Trade

Our work included engaging with the travel trade in Southern Africa on joint marketing ventures to ensure  continuous exposure of the destination in the market. Annual travel trade workshops. Consistent in-house destination training. Travel agent and tour operator educationals. MICE specialist support and distribution of collateral to travel professionals.

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Our Communications team were in constant liaison with our vast Southern African media partners to ensure continuous exposure for Dubai within the media landscape. We managed a visiting journalist programme to the destination hosting a number of strategically targeted trips all year round and provided a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation process of the media outcomes as a result of all the efforts engaged throughout the year.


In addition to the PR, we worked closely with the head office with regard to advertising both above and below the line, providing the media mix required in order to maximise the advertising budgets within the targeted publications, broadcast and digital space.

Social Media

Lloyd Orr managed and set up the local version of the FB page www.facebook.com/dtcmsa and posted regular strategic and relevant updates on twitter @dtcmsa


Our role for this client also involved engagement with the consumer and we, therefore, provided a call centre function with a dedicated telephone number and resource to answer any consumer enquiries on a day to day basis. We participated on behalf of Dubai in various exhibitions and platforms in order to create consumer demand for the destination.


In addition to all the tourism work we executed for this client, we worked in the market to encourage trade from Southern Africa into Dubai. We offered a telephonic advisory service, distribution of literature and facilitated business seminars to encourage the growth in business traffic from the region to Dubai. We were in constant close co-operation with the UAE Embassy, the JCCI and other business bodies in Southern Africa in order to engage on our client’s behalf to harness all commerce opportunities.