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Little bit about
our history.

Lloyd Orr’s roots began in the early 1990s when the Church Raitt Orr Group was founded.
However its actual origins were in Kenya 30 years before when Ian Raitt left the British army and started a Public Relations business in Nairobi. He was later joined by journalist, Colin Church, to form Church Raitt before Ian left for London in 1970 to found Ian Raitt Public Relations.

During this time, Patrick Orr began his own PR business in Nairobi in 1970 which merged with Church Raitt in 1975 to form Church Orr. When Patrick went back to London five years later, he joined Ian Raitt and Raitt Orr was born in 1982.

Very often PR businesses are driven by the demands of their clients and in the early 1990s, Ian Raitt achieved a remarkable win for Raitt Orr by landing the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) account. The Raitt Orr offices in Buckingham Palace Road became the Board’s offices in London, transforming the agency and adding hugely to the work load. Raitt Orr recruited a young South African, Antoinette Lintvelt who soon made herself indispensible to Raitt Orr as well as DTCM. This proved to be the best move by the company.

With growing confidence in the agency, DTCM decided to expand its operations to Africa and Church Orr in Nairobi was signed on, with Colin Church at the helm. As DTCM flourished, Dubai Tourism saw the opportunity arising in the dynamic post-apartheid South Africa. Resources were pooled, Church Raitt Orr came together, and Antoinette was given the task of promoting Dubai in South Africa. Antoinette began to build a viable PR concern with expertise in tourism to rival the best. Inevitably there were bumps in the road but she drove ahead, fortified by Oliver Prittie and her own talent for hard work. Lloyd Orr was born from Church Raitt Orr and still prospers under the leadership of Wendie White.

It has been a long journey. We can all take pride in the outcome and in the dedicated work we still produce for our clients.
– Patrick Orr

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