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Cruising is fast becoming one of the most sought after, value for money holiday options for South African travellers.  Princess Cruises has been represented in South Africa by Discover the World for over a decade and in that time, hundreds of South Africans have enjoyed the pleasures of a Princess Cruise.  So just what is the big deal about cruising?

 Value for money

What does that mean? It means getting the most out of your hard earned South African Rands, right?  Cruising delivers value for money, in bucket loads.  Because a cruise holiday includes accommodation, transportation to various fascinating destinations, it also includes all meals and entertainment, you pay it all before you leave, in Rands, and you receive all of that for one price.  You can even purchase drinks packages to suit your own tastes, before you leave, making sure there are no heart-stopping surprises.  You only need to budget for some spending money and some extras for the shore excursions that you may want to take part in.

You unpack once and then enjoy

Once you are on-board, checked into your allocated cabin, and unpacked your suitcase, you will not have to do that again until you leave.  Your ‘hotel’ travels with you.  If you had to book a holiday to 5 different destinations in one trip you would lose time and money checking in and out of 5 different hotels and lose time on transport to and from your destination each time you move to another location.  Choosing to do an exciting cruise itinerary allows you to maximise your time and wake up relaxed, without the hassle of unpacking and packing over and over again.

Meet new people from all over the world

Princess Cruises departures, whether in Asia, the Americas, The South Pacific or Alaska attract like-minded holiday makers from all over the world.  South Africans get to meet other nationalities on board, share stories, meals and activities together, all making for rich experiences to remember forever.

Families are taken care of at all ages

Princess Cruises pride themselves on the vast array of activities on offer for all ages.  So travelling with your family is just a joy on board. Camp Discovery offers safe and fun centres for differing age groups to enjoy their cruising adventure:

  • The Treehouse for ages 3-7
  • The Lodge for ages 8-12
  • The Beach House just for teens aged 13-17
  • Club 18-20 for young adults

The biggest challenge you will have is getting your family to disembark and leave all the new friends they have made at the end of their cruise!

Visit unusual destinations in familiar surroundings

Cruising provides South African travellers the opportunity to visit destinations they wouldn’t perhaps feel comfortable visiting on their own.  Take Japan, for example, how exotic!  Princess Cruises has some fabulous cruise itineraries to this Asian island gem.  Cruising allows you to travel in comfort and style to culturally diverse places in the knowledge that you have a familiar base in which to learn, explore and enjoy.

Bucket List destinations

Princess makes it easy to tick off those ‘one day I’ll get there’ destinations like viewing the Northern Lights from the bow of a ship or Temple hopping in Thailand, Malaysia or Cambodia.  What about visiting the Incan Citadel in Machu Picchu? Or an Alaskan dog sled tour in Janeau?

Sabrina Allcock, Managing Director of Discover the World, based in Johannesburg says, “Cruising is absolutely the best way to get the most out of your holiday.  Princess Cruises has a vast array of options and itineraries on their fleet of ships all around the world, there is something for every taste and budget.  Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a supercharged once in a lifetime family holiday, or a cultural experience you will find it whilst cruising.”

Discover the World are witnessing an unprecedented increase in demand for cruising every year.  It is time to get your slice of the pie.  What are you waiting for?