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Tomjachu Bush Retreat | Conservation 101

Conveniently situated in the rolling lowveld hills near to Mpumalanga’s capital Mbombela, Tomjachu Bush Retreat is the ideal destination for Johannesburg and Pretoria travellers looking to escape the city, offering guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in tranquil and beautiful surroundings and unspoiled nature, whilst contributing to conservation. The team at Tomjachu Bush Retreat pride themselves in their progressive conservation efforts which are aimed at ensuring that the retreat continuously flourishes throughout the unpredictable African seasons.

Conservation Overview

Conservation efforts across the globe have seen a dramatic increase in reaction to the impact of overpopulation and unsustainable living practices which have devastated natural environments and ecosystems. The negative effects of these factors within Southern Africa can be seen through the loss of indigenous habitats due to the spread of urban development and farming land, as well as the changing weather patterns the region has experienced in recent years. So far, a shocking 50% of the world’s forests have been lost to make way for urban development and an ever-growing population that boosts the overall consumption rates on a global scale.

The population increase and demand for natural resources can best be measured when taking into account that there has been a 40% upsurge in water usage, which has caused not only a shortage in some areas but also has placed a strain on water bodies throughout Africa. It is in response to these global pressures that Tomjachu Bush Retreat is continuing to develop proactive strategies to ensure that they do their part locally, by ensuring that the bushveld habitats surrounding the retreat remain pristine for generations of guests to enjoy.

Conservation at Tomjachu Bush Retreat

Tomjachu Bush Retreat has implemented the following initiatives to ensure a better ecological environment for both the guests and surrounding environment:


Tomjachu Bush Retreat recycles up to 60% of its waste. All food waste is converted to compost and all recyclable plastic & tin is sorted on site and transported to Nelspruit to be recycled.


The Retreat is highly aware of water consumption and wastage and are implementing a number of water-saving systems in place and as such encourage all guests to be sparing to help them conserve water.

Guest Experience:

The team at Tomjachu provides positive wildlife experiences for their guests, whether they are keen to enjoy the wonderful unspoiled mountain bushveld views, their 265 species of bird, or the hundreds of mammal, plant, insect and tree species.

Land/wildlife management:

A large percentage of the company profits are reinvested in the property in order to improve their conservation efforts. This includes the careful management of the delicate ecosystems on the property through controlled burning, invasive species control, synthesised migration and breeding of indigenous game, and many other game and land management activities. Tomjachu Bush Retreat also focuses on the protection of bird and animal species. The team works hard to protect and maintain their natural habitats, which helps to ensure that migrant species return each year.

Construction, development, and renovation:

In any new buildings, renovations or improvements they aim to use and reuse as much locally sourced and renewable material as possible, including stone, reeds, thatching grass, sand and gravel from the property itself.

The majority of the reserve was once farming land and is continuing to be rehabilitated back to indigenous bushveld. The Fillery family has sought to extend the reserve by buying up neighboring land when available and rehabilitating the farmland. Since it came into the Fillery family the property has grown from 150ha to 550ha.

For more information on the conservation efforts at Tomjachu Bush Retreat, visit their website!