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Tomjachu Bush Retreat | Birding in the Bushveld

Tomjachu Bush Retreat is located within the Lowveld region of Mpumalanga, 20 minutes from Nelspruit. The retreat is a one of a kind destination for couples and small families looking to experience the tranquillity of the bushveld while surrounded by subtle nuances of home.

A daytime experience

Besides the amazing views, superlative accommodation and excellent service, Tomjachu Bush Retreat has a plethora of plains game that can be seen on the property. And guests can expect to encounter waterbuck, giraffe, zebra and even warthogs, amongst other game. Tomjachu Bush Retreat is also home to a natural orchestra of over 265 bird species, making it a must-visit destination for birding enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The property has a diverse geographical terrain that introduces new topographical environments across the retreat, this ranges from open grassland where Crested Barbet and Starlings can often be spotted zipping down from the surrounding treeline in search of their next meal.

Bird enthusiasts can venture to the water’s edge alongside South or North Dam, where they can enjoy the tranquillity, while keeping an eye out for the King Fisher that sits and waits for insects and small fish or, if lucky enough, guests may catch a glimpse of the mighty Fish Eagle as it swoops in and gracefully snatches a fish from just below the surface!

Soon the Tomjachu birdhide will be up and running, which will give avid bird watchers the opportunity to tick off a greater amount of species from their bucket list.

Adventures under the stars

At Tomjachu Bush Retreat, guests can choose to take part in a bush dinner held at the lapa. Here, birders need to be on their toes as the bushveld comes to life, embodying a natural orchestra to be enjoyed under the stars. At night, owl species such as the Giant Eagle Owl (a rare sight at the retreat), the Pearl Spotted Owl as well as the Scops Owl can be heard in the distance as their sounds echo through the valley. Each of these beautiful creatures are a treat to see and make for a memorable experience.

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