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Reunion Island. A paradise for outdoor activities

Reunion Island can be best described as a rugged, mountainous paradise which lays in wait ready to be explored by the adventurous traveler. From hikes around a The Piton de la Fournaise, a basaltic volcano that is often active, to soaring above the island on a helicopter ride, you will find it all and like us fall in love with this tropical destination.


Keen to explore the island from the skies? Then microlighting is the way to go! You can expect to soar high above the coastlines, tempt fate and brush your fingertips along the tree-tops and allow the tropical breeze to caress your skin, as you enjoy the spectacular sights along with a qualified guide.


On Reunion Island paragliding won’t just give travelers an amazing bird’s eye view of the island’s crystal clear waters and coral reef, but also fuel your sense of adventure as you cascade across the open skies, prepared to venture into the unknown for your next adrenaline packed Island activity.


With so many ways to explore the island, one often forget the most exciting and carefree way – on a bicycle. Whether you prefer to roll your mountain bike downhill or climb on your road bike and go touring, Reunion Island has opportunities for mountain and road bikers to get pedaling and explore. There are routes that have been mapped out including a full circuit tour of the island (205km).


Reunion Island offers a diverse geographical terrain, however, it appears to be the vast mountainous landscapes which lure adventure seekers to this destination. There are over 1000 kilometers of hiking paths crisscrossing throughout the Island, many of which take you along pristine, undeveloped natural locations and often lead the curious traveler to small mountain villages that are inaccessible by road.


While undeniably spectacular from afar, the waterfalls that jut out of the mountains surrounding the town of Cialos in the center of the island, are a playground for the adventurous and offer water sports such as canyoning and kayaking. The most impressive of these waterfalls are several hundred meters tall, broken up at intervals by blue-green natural pools, and ideal for newbies and experienced canyoners alike to rappel through. For those in need of a guide and/or gear, there are tour operators who can set you up with both for a day of canyoning.

Let us not forget the horseback experiences to be had on Reunion Island!  These expeditions will take you to the summit of craters, on tropical beaches and spectacular valleys. Around the Grand Etang Lake, you will discover forested mountains and abundant vegetation. The bridle paths will direct you to the edge of amazing rock formations on the edge of the Piton de la Fournaise volcano in the South of the Island and the three grooves formed at the bottom of the Piton des Neiges, trails through pristine rainforests.



Whatever your type of adventure may be, Reunion Island offers a variety of options and promises the ultimate experience.


Reunion Island Tourism Board is represented in South Africa by Atout France.

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